Photo Artem Manukian JavaScript developer
Hello there! I’m a JavaScript developer, eager to make my customers happy by making quality products for them, and to make myself happy by writing quality code behind the scenes.



July 2021 - Present JavaScript developer


Chantelle - US store BigCommerce migration

September 2022 - Present
  • An e-shop for a creative studio based in Paris and a family-owned company designing lingerie, which is in a process of migration from Magento platform to Next.js on a front-end side, and from their own back-end to BigCommerce platform.
  • I'm doing all kinds of front-end related errands: improving our own design system; creating new pages; integrating third-party services like Algolia, Findify, and BigCommerce itself; improving integration with headless CMS; improving development and deployment processes; writing documents; communicating with the team and customer's stakeholders.
  • I have become familiar with Next.js framework and Vercel platform, BigCommerce platform and their APIs, learned to work with Storyblok, and improved my GraphQL skills.
React | Next.js | TypeScript | Node.js | GraphQL | Storyblok | BigCommerce | Vercel services


July 2021 - August 2022
  • The project is a complete wellness platform, aimed to help people improve their lifestyle, get rid of bad habits, reduce stress, etc.
  • I was working on creation of new components, transition of existing screens from older AngularJS version, bugfixes, and improvements in existing components and development processes.
  • This project improved my team skills, since it required to work closely with Web, Backend, and Mobile teams. It also introduced me to a few new libraries and instruments, like Reselect, Sentry, and Spring Config Server.
React | Redux | TypeScript | redux-thunk | Node.js | Express

Grid Dynamics

March 2020 - June 2021 UI developer


Nike CRS

October 2020 - June 2021
  • In a nutshell, the platform is a microservice-based infrastructure to construct client-specific emails, created by authors.
  • My role was to handle most of the parts of microservice development: from creation of new components to adding new business logic layers. Meanwhile, quite sometime goes to helping junior developers and onboarding new ones.
  • My biggest gain from this project was in improvements of my Node.js knowledge and honed my leading skills for a bit. Another achievement is an opportunity to closely work with a big customer.
React | TypeScript | Handlebars | Node.js | Express | AWS services

Dell Retail Edge

July - September 2020
  • The project is a prototype of a solution that allows analysts to get forecasts on a number of different metrics (mostly related to sales and anomaly analysis), generated by advanced ML models.
  • I was working on most of the parts of the UI development: adding new views, creating custom charts with D3 and React, analyzing design mockups, integrating the API, etc.
  • While working on the project, I increased my knowledge of D3 and learned to create custom charts "from scratch", honed my understanding of MobX, learned to work in an international team of developers, and managed to handle people onboarding.
React | TypeScript | MobX | D3

Microsoft DFP MR

May - July 2020
  • An extension for the Dynamics 365 solution that allows fraud analysts to manually review transactions in cases when machine algorithms were unable to make an ultimate decision.
  • As for my role, I was mostly engaged in adding new views, components, and charts, negotiating with backend and design teams, and collecting clients' feedback.
  • In the end, I've learned to work with MobX, got acquainted with InversifyJS, Fluent UI, and "nivo" libraries, and understood the specifics of working with big customers.
React | TypeScript | MobX | InversifyJS | Fluent UI | nivo

Binary Studio

October 2017 - February 2020 JavaScript developer


Learning Management System

August 2019 - February 2020
  • The LMS itself is a solution that allows students to acquaint new skills in different areas (from software development to automotive), with a few concealed innovative points that excel it among others.
  • I was involved in the development of the front-end part of the app: writing Angular components, services, pipes, etc., analyzing UX stories, negotiating with the backend and UX teams.
  • The project got me acquainted with the Angular ecosystem and ASP.NET boilerplate, has taught to work with peculiar requirements, and put me into a team lead’s role for a short period of time.
Angular 7


June - July 2019
  • The LMS for the Binary Studio Academy is a complex solution to organize different kinds of customizable academies (for both students and in-house developers), with different functionalities (tests, lectures, homeworks, ratings, etc.).
  • I was mostly involved in frontend development (writing and fixing existing components), and had a few backend errands.
  • The project helped me to get acquainted with the newest React features and to recall how to work with Node.js.
Node.js | PostgreSQL | TypeORM | React | Redux | Saga | TypeScript |

BI platform

October 2017 - May 2019
  • The platform is designed for industry specialists from all around the world to get insights about patent portfolios of themselves and competitors in different forms (charts, data tables, simple result lists, etc.), do patent analysis, reveal trends, make reports, etc.
  • I was involved in the creation of some of the modules and widgets of the project, bug-fixing, refactoring, requirements investigation.
  • The project introduced me to commercial programming, taught to cooperate in international teams, analyze requirements when there are no such, and honed my technical skills in React.
React | Redux (with a few in-house amendments) | Thunk | SignalR | D3 | Grommet

Binary Studio Academy

  • An annual academy that allows students to quickly get experience close to real-world development, and coaches - to aqauaint new management and leading skills. It's also a great opportunity to get a number of sleepless nights (for a good cause, of course).
  • As a coach

    Summer 2019
    • designed entry tests for candidates
    • recorded a lecture
    • executed code reviews
    • supervised a group of students creating a full-stack project
      (tech stack: Node.js | PostgreSQL | Sequelize | | Passport.js | React | Redux | Thunk)
  • As a student

    Summer 2017
    • gone through a plethora of tests and homework
    • implemented a major part of a full-stack project
      (tech stack: Node.js | Express | MongoDB | Mongoose | | Passport.js | React | Redux | Saga | MaterialUI)



Also worked with



Chernivtsi National University

2014 - 2016
Bachelor’s degree in Radio Engineering


Skills and virtues

Diligence and perseverance (I hope). Ability to balance the willing to "do things the very-very best way" with business needs.


Whining about bureaucracy when it goes to extreme. Eating too many cookies. Sleeping on the keyboard from time to time.

Professional interests

Frontend development. Studying depths of JavaScript and arguing with others of why prototype inheritance is actually good. Data visualization and related topics.

Personal interests

Travelling. Spoken languages (I still hope someday I’ll start studying German for good). Movies, TV series, music, video games, etc. Workouts. Doing snowboarding when I have a chance (I'm also planning to write a book about my falls from ski-lifts).